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Leah Fox

Paddle Ads

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Business Description

At Paddle Ads there’s one word that we strive to be known as… easy! It’s one thing to turn your online presence into a new buisness generating asset for you. It’s another thing to make it easy to deal with, efficient, and controlable! We’re the advertiser for small businesses that don’t want to worry about where the next call or sale is coming from. We’ve purposefully made our services affordable, simple, and effective. Our clients are never locked in to a contract, and only continue with us if we work. Simple! After trying to find an advertiser for our own business, we were sick of marketers treating their clients by making their services confusing, overpriced, and anything but easy to deal with! Everything we do is has one thread through it; easy! We’re actual humans who work hard to grow businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds of industries and would love to speak with you so you can discover the easy way to get new business through online ads!

Perfect Referral

Good referrals would be a small business owner who has either ran paid ads before themselves or who has hired another marketer and hasn’t had a good time. A small business owner who wants to grow their business and generate new leads and business at an affordable rate with a trustworthy company.

Services Provided

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