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Sam Liddle


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Address L1, 4-6 Park Lane Sydney NSW 2229 Website Phone numbers 0295 315 655 +61 423 597 483 Email[email protected] Social Media

Business Description

At Mayhem we provide quality branded items that create brand loyalty and a connection with your target audience.
Merchandise is any item that can be branded with a logo and used as a cost effective brand extension for your business.
We’re adaptable in our approach, we’re responsive and we’re exactly the right size for you to have direct access to the people that matter. Working with our extended partners we manage the process for you – by channelling communication through one point, brand consistency is guaranteed and it save ‘s you the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Perfect Referral

Marketing Managers, Conference Organisers, Schools - Principals, P&C, Business Owners.

Bad Referral

Enquiries under 10 items for garments and under 100 items for pens etc.